The Mockingjay Hunger Games Roleplay




The Mockingjay takes place after the Hunger Games books/movies. After the war has settled. A new president is about to arise, promising a better future -- one with no Hunger Games. This does not set well for the wealthy of the capitol, a team of men and women align to overthrown to to-be-president, assassinating them before they could step up to power. Robert Bankston takes the place as the new president. A strict, uncaring president who brings the Hunger Games back. With the return of district 13 during the war, he ensures that district 13 now gets their own place in the game, making it 26 tributes instead of 24.

The first games, the 76th Hunger Games commenced. The tributes were placed into a frozen tundra and one victor emerged, Razor Norton. Tensions were on the rise, the districts were not happy about the shift in power back to the capitol. The 77th Hunger Games came around the next year and the capitol announced they would show generosity. After the war following the 75th Hunger Games, all the victors had been assassinated. Because of this, the only victor they were left with to train tributes was now Razor Norton. They needed more victors and announced that for the 77th and forward, they would pair the tributes up randomly, and if any pair made it as the last two tributes, they could win together. Tributes were picked for the 77th Hunger Games. They were sent into an African themed arena. Two paired victors emerged, Seth Swain and Cosette Kempton.

After the 77th, tensions were too high. A group of high-ups secretly ordered the assassination of Robert Bankston, who simply wasn't delivering on his promises. He was beginning to turn soft. His vice president Sienna Davis took his place. She ruled ruthlessly. Things continued normally, but mishaps between the victors and superiors happened on occasion. The 78th Hunger Games came around and the tributes were sent into a tropical island arena. One victor emerged, Luke Mercer. Things continued normally and the 79th Hunger Games came around. The tributes were sent into a post apocalyptic city themed arena. One victor emerged, Luster Haysworth.

After the 79th Hunger Games, Sienna Davis faced the same fate as Robert Bankston. However she wasn't killed, she was simply imprisoned. Her vice president Jaylyn Vares was assassinated the day after Sienna Davis was usurped, leaving the presidency open. Marilyn Kane was elected president and ruled ruthlessly. Everyone knew not to mess with Marilyn Kane. The 80th Hunger Games came around. The tributes were thrown into an underground cave system arena. One victor emerged, Weston Claymore. After the games, a rebellion sparked up, led by Lucas Kodaline. He was after Marilyn's presidency. After a long feud over a span of a few months, Lucas staged Marilyn's death. To the public it looked like an accident, only a few know she was murdered. Marilyn refused to ever take a vice president and thus her spot was open. Lucas Kodaline snatched the spot for himself and is the current ruler of Panem.