The Mockingjay Hunger Games Roleplay



Below are the two choices you have with creating a character unless you pick from the adoption page. Please read the rules before joining!

Please keep in mind The Mockingjay has just started back up. There are not many roleplayers but we are looking for new faces to join us so we can kick off the 81st Hunger Games and participate in fun capitol roleplay!


The 81st Hunger Games have just come to a close. The 82nd will start up in the future. In the meantime you can join capitol roleplay!


Looking to roleplay a capitol official? We have roles always open! The following list is a list of roles that are always open, that anyone can fill!

- Gamemaker (design the games and help run them!)
- Peacekeeper (help keep the peace and deal with unruly citizens!)
- Stylist (style the tributes, victors and capitol officials!)
- Doctor (help heal the victors and capitol officials!)
- See something you want that's not on this list? You can put in a request!

If you're interested in roleplaying one of those, please private message the Staff account. We'll set you up and help you get used to roleplaying on the mockingjay!

Roles such as president, vice president and head gamemaker are earned. We currently have no vice president or head gamemaker.