The Mockingjay Hunger Games Roleplay



These are the main important out of character rules of signing up, you must follow these rules at all times.

Profile Rules

1) Your profile picture should be of one of your character you roleplay.

2) Your username should be the name of one of  your characters.

3) Profile pictures must be appropriate.

4) You can not use an actor from the Hunger Games movie or their full name. [Unless given permission]

5) You may not have a picture that looks too young to be a tribute, and you may not have a picture that looks too old to be a tribute.  This only applies to tributes.

 A well done profile should include a picture of the character, information regarding you and / or the character, it may also include gifs, theme songs, and decorations. Keep profiles pg-13!

Main Rules

1) You may  not be anyone from the original "Hunger Games" series. ex: katniss, peeta, gale..

2) You may have unlimited characters, but may only roleplay two tributes per games.

3) Only 2 tributes per districts enter the arena unless a twist is added.

4) Do not power-play or godmod. [Power-play- Controlling another role-player's character.] [God mod- When a character has the ability to do anything without limitations; When a character can defeat any obstacle; When a character, during a fight, can dodge all blows by an opponent even when the attack would realistically kill or injure the character.] You can power-play with the permission of the characters roleplayer.

5) Citizens, tributes etc can not have weaponry training before the games unless from a career district and you have been approved to roleplay a career from the academy or unless you ask the site owner for permission to have weaponry skills.

6) No spamming / trolling in the forums or the chat box.

** The mockingjay roleplay is not responsible for copyright infragments posted by members. It is not responsible for bad content/stolen/offensive. Members post and chat at their own risk. Characters and plots created on this site belong to this site and go to the full power of the staff. **